We service and maintain all types of evacuation equipment UK wide

We not only offer training on all of our evacuation equipment, we also provide bespoke services and maintenance packages to suit your needs. Our experienced engineers are trained to work on an array of products and will not only service chairs provided by us, but also pre established products within your building.

Quality Servicing

Here at Evacu8 we ensure that all your chairs meet legal obligations including PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1988) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1988).

These regulations are specific to different chairs and in order to abide by the above legal requirements your equipment must undertake either 6 monthly or annual maintenance. In order to understand your specific requirements further, please contact us to review the correct maintenance plan for you, call 01908 585 655

What’s included in your maintenance plan?

Whilst servicing your evacuation chair we undertake a total of 32 checks to guarantee safety. This includes visual inspection checks, manual adjustments, cleaning, lubricating, stair testing and most importantly full rotation of the tracks fitted to your evacuation chair.

Also included within your maintenance plan is a complimentary audit and full certification of each evacuation chair.

We provide specialist servicing on
hoists and wheelchairs

Our engineers are qualified to provide annual servicing on wheelchairs under PUWER, also 6 monthly and annual servicing on hoists under LOLER.

Under current LOLER rulings, there is a duty of care on the employer to ensure that all lifting equipment and accessories have been serviced by a trained and competent individual. Our engineers ensure that this process is undertaken 6 monthly, to ensure that your building is compliant.

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Supply and fit of tracks

In order to guarantee a smooth and safe transfer of passengers, it is essential that your tracking/belt systems are maintained and work efficiently with the chair and staircase within your building. Different tracks have the ability to grip better in different environments, so we have developed a bespoke service which enables us to fit the appropriate track to your existing chair. The life span of your evacuation chair can be significantly increased with a re-track/re-belt.

Call us to discuss your bespoke track maintenance 01908 585 655